Your Comprehensive Guide to Fun Activities Near Buffalo, NY

To fully appreciate your stay in the Buffalo, Tonawanda, Clarence, Kenmore, Ellicottville, and Amherst, NY areas, you have to experience the endless entertainment and social activities that these buzzing locations offer. From touring historic sites and relaxing parks to visiting exquisite art galleries, there’s no shortage of captivating activities to do.

A Stroll Down Buffalo’s History

One must-visit location when in the area is the historic Buffalo State Park. Home to the USS The Sullivans and USS Little Rock – remnants of America’s naval force – it’s the place to be if you’re passionate about history. If architecture tickles your fancy, be sure to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex, a magnificent architectural marvel that stands as a testament to Buffalo’s rich historical past. You can book guided tours of the site here.

But history is not the only attraction here. If you’re looking for some uncommon adventure, Buffalo is the place to be.

Nature & Adventure at Their Best

Nature lovers will love the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, offering a tranquil retreat showcasing magnificent horticultural designs. If you’re after a more adrenaline-pumping activity, check out the Niagara Climbing Center which offers climbing challenges for all ages and skill levels.

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Engage in Culinary Adventure

Buffalo is also home to a dynamic food scene with countless restaurants catering for all tastes. From the famous Buffalo wings to craft beer sampling, your culinary journey here would be incomplete without delving into these locally-held secrets.

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