Navigating the Digital Marketing Comedian-Style with mta360

“Have you ever noticed how tricky navigating the world of SEO& web design can be?” That’s something the Jerry Seinfeld in your organization might say if they were talking about digital marketing.

Right there, in the midst of a bit on the absurdities of modern life, he’d hit on one of the biggest challenges your business faces. How to make sense of this vast web (pun intended) of digital trends, strategies and solutions that’s changing faster than a Seinfeld punchline.

Enter mta360. Founded in 2011, and no, we weren’t originally a quirky sitcom (though some might argue that our dynamic team could give Jerry and the gang a run for their money), mta360 is your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing. We’re the ones who can deftly manage these essential, yet often misunderstood, facets of running a successful business in the digital age.

Just think of us as the ‘George Costanza’ to your organization’s ‘Jerry’. Don’t worry, we’re far more reliable, and way less neurotic – but we are behind-the-scenes, working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly.

From cracking the code of the latest Google Algorithms faster than Kramer slides into Jerry’s apartment, to ensuring your online presence looks more desirable than a freshly baked muffin top (Where were those in the 90’s?), our team of experts handles it all.

Our integrated suite of services includes search engine optimization (SEO), ingenious web design, effective pay-per-click campaigns, and a whole lot of digital marketing savvy.

Just like our favourite 90s sitcom managed to weave hilarity out of the most ordinary situations, mta360 makes excellence out of your online presence. We follow the same motto, “No learning, no hugging,” but when it comes to business, we replace ‘learning’ and ‘hugging’ with ‘jargon’ and ‘downtime’.

Jerry Seinfeld once said, “If you have something to say, and it’s worth saying, someone will listen.” Well, we’re saying it: let mta360 be the digital marketing solutions provider that your business needs.

Deploying seasoned skills and marketing services like SEO and web design that are so cutting-edge, they’d make even a stand-up comic pause for thought, mta360 is the extra “oomph” your business needs for a lasting online presence.

So, step out of the digital soup kitchen line and come join us at Monk’s Café where we serve up strategy and execution like a piping hot cup of joe (and hey, if you want a chocolate babka, we can arrange that too).

The question is: are you ready to take your business to a new level of online visibility? Believe it – it’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Get in touch today and let’s create the show about something that will make you the master of your industry’s domain.

Remember, in the world of SEO, “it’s not a lie…if you believe it!”