Exciting Innovations in Home Comfort: Economy Hearth & Home Inc.’s Latest Offerings

Economy Hearth & Home Inc.: Your Trusted Partner in Climate Control

Economy Hearth & Home Inc. has been a leading provider of HVAC services for years, specializing in AC Repair and HVAC Installation for Tr-City residents. As technology advances, so does our commitment to bringing you the latest innovations in home comfort. Here are some exciting new developments we’re proud to offer:

1. Smart Thermostats

Our latest smart thermostats learn your habits and preferences, automatically adjusting your home’s temperature for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. These devices can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps, allowing you to manage your home’s climate from anywhere.

2. Zoned Heating and Cooling

Say goodbye to arguments over the thermostat! Our new zoned systems allow different areas of your home to be set at different temperatures, ensuring everyone’s comfort while maximizing energy savings.

3. High-Efficiency HVAC Systems

Economy Hearth & Home Inc. now offers cutting-edge HVAC systems that boast impressive energy efficiency ratings. These units not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lead to significant savings on your utility bills.

4. Air Purification Technology

Breathe easier with our advanced air purification systems. These units work in tandem with your HVAC system to remove allergens, pollutants, and even some viruses from your home’s air, promoting better health for you and your family.

5. Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Perfect for additions or rooms that are difficult to heat and cool, ductless mini-splits offer flexible, energy-efficient climate control without the need for extensive ductwork.

At Economy Hearth & Home Inc., we’re committed to staying at the forefront of HVAC technology. Our expert technicians are fully trained in the installation and maintenance of these innovative systems, ensuring you get the most out of your investment in home comfort.

Contact us today to learn more about how these exciting new offerings can enhance your home’s climate control and energy efficiency!