DIY Tips: Plumbing, Furnace Installation and Repair

When it comes to taking care of your home, knowledge is indeed power. Berwyn Western offers comprehensive services for all your plumbing, furnace installation, and repair needs. Still, there are a few DIY tips that every homeowner should know.

Plumbing 101

Your home’s plumbing system is more significant than you might imagine. From keeping your daily routine smooth to preventing unexpected damage to your property, proper plumbing maintenance is key.

A common issue is a clogged drain – whether it’s your kitchen sink, shower, or bathroom sink. Before you call a professional, try pouring some boiling water down the drain to break up any clogs. Alternatively, a plunger can be utilized for more stubborn blockages. Using a drain snake, if you have one on hand, may also do the trick. Remember, harsh chemicals should only be the last resort, as they are not only harmful to the environment but could potentially damage your pipes as well.

Furnace Installation

Getting ready for the winter season means making sure your heating system is up to par. If it’s time for a new furnace, you might be considering taking on the job of installation.

Before beginning, it’s crucial to choose the correct furnace, compatible with the specifications of your home—space, fuel type, and heat output. Upon installation, make sure to properly size the chimney liner and secure all connections to prevent any unwanted leaks. Always check manufacturer instructions to ensure you are installing the furnace correctly, as not doing so can lead to severe damage or even fire. However, if this process sounds too complicated, it might be best to rely on a professional service.

Furnace Repair Tips

A furnace showing signs of malfunction during chilly months can seem daunting. Before contacting a professional, you may want to conduct a few checks yourself.

Start by checking the thermostat to ensure it’s set to “heat”. If the furnace isn’t producing enough heat, check your air filters and replace them if they’re dirty or clogged as this significantly impacts performance. If the blower is running continuously, make sure the fan setting is on “AUTO”, not “ON”.

In instances of the furnace not running at all, you can try resetting the system. Turn off the power, wait a few minutes and then turn it back on. Should these tips not resolve the issue, you may want to call upon professional help to perform a thorough examination.

While these DIY tips are handy, remember to consider calling professionals like Berwyn Western to ensure your home plumbing and heating systems are in optimal shape. Expertise, experience, and the right tools can go a long way in preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.