7 DIY Commercial Cleaning Tips Before You Hire A Professional

Running a reputable business requires efficient management, presentable staff, and, most importantly, a clean, organized, and tidy workplace. Many businesses/start-ups comprehend the significance of contracting commercial cleaning services, such as Bieler Janitorial Services, in maintaining its professional appearance. Nevertheless, there are ways you can contribute to your office’s pristine condition before the professionals step in. This guide aims at equipping you with top DIY tips to ensure your workspace is always in excellent shape.

Plan For Regular Cleaning

1. Make it a habit to carry out regular cleaning – To maintain a pristine working environment, ensure there’s a routine cleaning plan in place. This goes beyond picking up fallen papers and includes thorough cleaning like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and tidying up the place at the end of every workday.

Maintain Personal Workspace

2. Encouraging staff to clean their personal workspace – Encourage every staff member to take responsibility for their unique area. This encompasses maintaining a clutter-free desk and disinfecting phones, keyboards, and other frequently handled items daily.

Safguard Your Restroom

3. Prioritize restrooms – Office lavatories are high-traffic areas prone to germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of these areas are indispensable for the health and safety of your staff and visitors.

Control Dining and Break Area

4. Keep control of the dining/break area – These areas can quickly become breeding grounds for germs and a magnet for messes. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves and disinfect dining and kitchen appliances regularly.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

5. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products – Integral to any commercial cleaning plan is the usage of quality cleaning products. Environmental-friendly cleaning products not only preserve the health of your employees but are also more sustainable.

Take Care of Your Floors

6. Pay close attention to floors – Office floors handle quite a bit of traffic and tend to accumulate dirt and dust. Regular sweeping and mopping using appropriate cleaners based on your floor type should be prioritized.

Employ Professionals

7. Employ professionals for intensive cleaning – Finally, even with the strictest DIY cleaning plan, employing professional cleaning services, like the reputable Bieler Janitorial Services, is still crucial for the intensive cleaning tasks. These companies offer an array of services such as deep carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, window cleaning, HVAC dusting, etc., that prove challenging for an unprofessional.

In conclusion, DIY cleaning plans greatly assist in maintaining a sprucely-kept environment. However, to achieve a more inclusive clean, businesses in Hamburg, NY, should consider a partner like Bieler Janitorial Services for regular and comprehensive commercial cleaning jobs.